Joe Duket Studio specializes in a variety of creative endeavors including wood carving, engraving, furniture design and photography.
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My studio is located in Blairsville, a picturesque town in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia.  Before settling permanently in Blairsville, I lived in Atlanta for more than thirty years working in residential design and remodeling.  I was accredited as both a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) and Certified Remodeler (CR) while working in Atlanta.
My love of art and woodworking began as a young boy.  For
more than 40 years, I have designed and built furniture and
cabinetry for both our own residences and on commission for
others.  Several years ago I took up wood carving and
engraving as a way to enhance my furniture pieces, as well as
create lasting works of art in wood, metal, glass, stone, solid
surfaces, antler, plastic and mirror.   My carvings now enhance
gun stocks, mantels, signs, furniture and cabinetry.  Engravings
on fly rods and knives have also become a popular part of my

Photography has been an avocation for many decades and
continues to give me great pleasure.  I enjoy capturing the
beauty and diversity of it flowers, wildlife,
landscapes, barns or architecture.  You may link to my photo
galleries on the 500px website by clicking on the owl print to
the right.  If you're interested in purchasing any of my prints,
please e-mail me with a size and I'll gladly give you a quote.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Joe Duket Studio.  Please
contact me if you have any questions or would like a quote for
that special design or piece.
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